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When your links get crazy long and you're sending thousands of customers all across the web, you need Kreative Hyperlink to keep an eye on what links you're promoting and what your customers are finding click-worthy!

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Everything you need

Shrink your links on a dependable platform with features you'll love

With Kreative Hyperlink, you can quickly create lightning-fast short links that get your users where you need, without sacrifing analytics or customizability.

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Fast redirects.
Take users from your Hyperlink to any target URL quickly without any hiccups, that's our promise to you.
Powerful analytics.
Track how many clicks each link gets and discover exactly where customers find your links
Editable target URLs.
Modify where each short Hyperlink redirects to anytime, instead of having to create a whole new link
Custom URL slugs.
Customize the word that comes after '' with any phrase that matches your brand or goals, anytime.
HTTPS for all redirects.
All Hyperlinks are secured with an SSL certificate provided by us for free.
Customizable tags.
Organize your Hyperlinks using custom tags so you never lose a short link you've created

Frequently asked questions

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Can we track clicks and where users are clicking from?
Yes! With Kreative Hyperlink you're able to always take a look at how many total clicks any given link has recieved. In addition, you can monitor where users are clicking from based on country, state, and even city.
Can I connect a custom, short domain name?
We hope to introduce this feature in the future, but currently links only use the '' domain name. If custom domain names are critical for your URL shortening needs, we recommend you checkout
Is Kreative Hyperlink free?
Currently as this application is an internal side-project, yes you can use Kreative Hyperlink for free! Just create an account and start shrinking your links at hyperspeed!


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